Candidate Training Alumni

I truly feel this class was such a blessing, the timing was just right as I had been contemplating running for office as of recent and desiring to serve my community on a larger scale. This was such a great investment in myself I am walking away with the tools to run for office, to be a more effective leader and the belief in myself that I can take risks. I feel so empowered through this class and the group of woman I have had the privilege of sharing this experience with. I did not know what to expect I had no preconceived notions but I must say with each class, with each speaker the class became more and more captivating. The entire course was constructed in such a thoughtful and strategic way. I can walk away from this class knowing the key people I need to run a successful campaign, some of whom I will certainly call on and recruit in the near future; I now know the budgetary requirements necessary as well as the best way to build my network of support. I look forward to hearing more about these incredible women. Thank you to all involved. The small investment I made cannot compare to the true value of this class.—Slyvia Hooper, Social Worker

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  1. While other women civic organizations are talking about training 90,000 women to run for office, this organization is walking the walk through painstaking, hands on training women one by one until the goal of having equal representation for women in political office. That requires patience and dedication and a love of your fellow womankind. Congratulations CREW! Keep it up

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