[...My advice to you is the best way to get civically engaged is to join your community board...]

Candidate Training at CUNY SPS

Parity politics™️

Running For Office? Can you imagine how equipped you would be if you knew the “Rules of Engagement” of “how” to run for office?  Imagine the money you would save from knowing the priorities of a campaign from office space to staff to media buys?    We offer you 12 weeks/36 hours of stimulating discussion, homework and presentation assignments, hearing from the experts from Campaign Finance Board to Elected Officials to Labor Unions to Political Strategists.  Running for office is a big decision - you owe it to yourself to properly explore if you have what it takes!

You Can Do It!

Candidate Training

Parity Politics™️ alumni

As visionaries members of our Alumni are igniting opportunities for leadership both locally and nationally.  Whether Parity Politics alumni are members of their Community Boards/Municipal Managers,  Non-Profit or Corporate Leaders, or Commissioners or Elected Officials women are challenging the status quo and winning!  Change has finally come, check out the blogs, advice and feedback that will soon be available from this network.